The Holidays Are Here! Is It a Good Time To Buy Or Sell?


Many home buyers and sellers are under the belief that real estate agents take the Happy holidays from Deanna Rivetti, the Superwoman of Real Estateholidays off. Or they think that it’s a bad time to buy or sell a home.

The fact is, buyers are searching for homes year round. Also, sellers have needs as well when it comes to the timing of listing their home; whether it is due to relocation, or in the case of selling for financial reasons, there are homes available for sale over the holiday period.

For sellers, while there may be the minor inconvenience of planning your holiday activities around showing your home to buyers, you should know that buyers looking for homes during the holidays are usually very serious about a home purchase. If they are taking the time during this season, it typically means they are under a time deadline or wish to make a move very soon.  Making your home available to show during this time of year can net you a great buyer.

Buyers: The same situation applies to you as well. While there are some sellers who will temporarily suspend their listing over the holidays, the sellers who are opening their home for buyer preview are also very serious about getting an offer.

Whether you’re buying or selling, I can make it happen for you, even during the holidays. Contact me for more information and for a no-obligation real estate needs analysis.

Happy holidays!